Thomas F. Wasilewski, P.L.S., President

Thomas F. Wasilewski, a Professionally licensed Land Surveyor in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin, is the founder and president of TFW Surveying & Mapping, Inc. Thomas's surveying expertise spans over 3 decades in the field of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering. Thomas is a proud member of a variety of national and local organizations including:

  • Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association
  • Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors
  • American Congress On Surveying & Mapping
  • National Society of Professional Surveyors
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Timothy O'Brien, Vice President

Timothy O'Brien, Vice President, has been with TFW Surveying & Mapping, Inc., since 1997. A graduate of Illinois State University, Tim has over 25 years experience in Land Surveying and Civil Engineering. Tim oversees Project Management Plat Reviews, Preliminary Route Surveys, Site Development Plans, ALTA/ACSM Surveys, Subdivision Surveys, Topographic Mapping Condominium Surveys, and is our CAD Coordinator. Tim is a member of The Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association.

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